Heavy Ethics
Progressive jazz trio performing first Friday of every month at Tranzac Club

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"Sometimes seeming almost perversely creative, Heavy Ethics do not cruise ... What they do is continuously transform the materials at their disposal, in a neverending quest for sounds that have strength, coherence ..." - Oliver Arditi

At Marigold in Toronto
James Scott on drums, Christopher Norman on bass and Rommel Reyes at the piano
Picture taken by Michel Paez

"Heavy Ethics: Le Jazz rencontre le Rock -- là où les émotions sont instantanées, pures, parfois sauvages ; là où la musique ouvre notre esprit et nos sens pour nous révéler des formes d'expression uniques, nous interroger. Osez l'aventure !" - Corinne Cecilia

Heavy Ethics first fridays at Tranzac Club
Poster created by Andrew Redekop

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